About us

EMIX Manufacturing and Sales Company, which was set up and run by Stanislaw Pacek, has been functioning on the market since 1991.

The first product of the company was ice cream powder for ice cream machines. It outlined the main points of the business idea that means the production of powdered dessert mixes. Moreover, our offer includes a wide range of confectionery additives and packed products such as dried fruit, grains, tea, cocoa powder etc.

The main sales area is the domestic market which is served by different ways of distribution. Neighbouring countries play a significant role in export sales.

Up-to-date products, which satisfy market requirements, experienced and responsible personnel are the strongholds of the company that give it a high-ranking position in the branch.

Honesty and solidity guide our conduct towards our purchasers, raw material suppliers and other service companies. The above mentioned features create a company’s image, which builds a good reputation in the region, in Poland and Europe.

Occurring changes in retail and wholesale trade, the increasing number of large retail chains in the market share make that a lot of our products appear at the store shelves under the chains’ brands.

In 2003, the company implemented the HACCP system which ensures food safety in the production process. IFS Food Safety Standard was implemented in 2010. Since then, it has been certifying annually.

Company’s motto of gradual development makes that the rate of production and the sales capacity make progress at proportional sharing rates. It gives a sense of security while functioning in situations of market changes.